Innovizion - 2K17

Innovizon 2K17


GITA invites all the college level participants to join the events on Feb 21 & 22.
All these events basically encourage all engineering fields what so ever they are as well as fun events. Promising full time worth learning and fun experience.


They say that Hope is the wing that gives flight to our dreams , that it is the one inherent part of human nature that enables us to look adversity in the eye and wait for the first glimpse light after the long standing darkness. The past one year has been full of high value events , ranging from crushing global economic meltdown that shook the very foundations of our capitalistic driven modern society to the ongoing debate on climate issues which promises to hold a prominent place in international talks for some years to come. But with all these seeming setbacks comes hope for a better tomorrow led by revolutionary ideas on Technology and Management .

We have got a whole lot of fun events too starting from rangoli, face painting to Robotics so that you don't miss out on your share of fun while you go about cracking the serious ones. And with a total prize money of 1 lakhs to be won you can be rest assured that these 2 days will be one which you will remember for many a moon to come! So come on all ya folks, and get submerged in the spirit of innovation. INNOVIZON 2K17!.

Papyrus Exposition

Young minds are given a platform here to present a 5-minute presentation on engineering related topic of their choice in front of a panel of judges comprising of professors from different discipline of engineering.. The participant needs to prepare a ppt on the topic he/she is going to present. The number of slides allowed is 12-15.

Save your Titanic

The participants are required to build model ship with the materials provided to them by the coordinators within the given time period. After every participant has deposited their model with the coordinators where their model will be put to test by the judges. The ship need to be able to withstand the load put on it and the ship should not submerge or crumble under the load.


This is the round popularly known as circuit designing. The participants have to perform experiments related to electrical and electronics. They will be given the experiment during the event and the experiment will be decided on the basis of lottery. This event comprises of more than one level and the first level will be elimination round. The coordinators and judges together will decide the process of elimination..

Be Ramanujan

An opportunity for all mathematicians to show their math solving ability within the given time period. The test will be online and the participants will be given a number of questions one after the other. So boost your brain because calculation isn’t going to be easy.

The Pursuit

All the Sherlock get ready to race against time. Hidden clues, puzzle solving and not losing nerve will be required in the quest to win this pursuit that will involve groups with mandatory 5 members in 2 rounds spread over 2 days.

Word War

Call it debate or extempore, this event is for those who have the ability to use words to steer discussion in their favor. So enroll yourself in this open mic debate where topics will be from current affairs to the ones making headlines in the past year..

Bridge Design

The participants are required to build model bridge with the materials provided to them by the coordinators within the given time period. After every participant has deposited their model with the coordinators where their model will be put to test by the judges. The bridge need to be able to withstand the load put on it and the bridge should not crumble under the load..


Enjoyed painting on canvas. This event gives you an opportunity to paint your imagination on the face of your group mate. Come in a pair of two and show how funny your imagination can be. Make your partner’s face your canvas ..


Creativity and planning along with act presentation and time management, will be put to test in this event. Participate with 4 members and showcase your skills to win this event..


Time flies but memories remains and what better way to capture memory than still photography. So clean your camera lenses and click the moment to win.


A trend that has made the world go crazy. So why you be left behind. Register your name, click a selfie and compete to win the competition.

Swach Bharat

Cleanliness is next to godliness and if cleaning makes you winner then its like cherry on cake. So pull up your shocks to broom away all the dirt to make India clean.

Fun Events

No rules only enjoyment but in discipline. Participate and win goodies. There are various events that the coordinator has for the participants. Register yourself and enjoy to the fullest.

Open Events


All of you are invited to participate and test your knowledge of general awareness and current affairs. The event will be held in 2 rounds stretched over 2 days.

Regd. Fee- 200(for other colleges)
Members in group-2
Prizes Worth 6k.


All the coders are invited to showcase their coding skill in this event. The event will be held in 2 rounds and stretched over 2 days.

Regd. Fee- 150(for other colleges)
Individual Participation.
Prizes Worth 6k.


Counter strike, one of the favorite games of engineers and played in hostels all over India. Come with your team and raid your opponents in this clash of Gamers.

Regd. Fee- 400(for other colleges)
Members in group-4
Prizes Worth 7k.

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